May 2018 - Software Release Updates
Scheduled for May 30, 19:00 - 23:00 MDT
We've scheduled our next software release update on the following dates:

Staging Release: 05/16/2018 (Wednesday)
Production Release: 05/30/2018 (Wednesday)

If you are a client desiring to have access to a Staging tenant during the Staging release window, & have not previously had a staging tenant, then you'll need to contact our support team & submit a form requesting the creation of a new staging tenant. If you have an existing staging tenant & desire for tenant settings to be refreshed you will be required to fill out a form requesting this as well - Please contact the support team to do these actions, as they are made upon request only. The deadline for these requests is Friday 05/11/2018 by 5 pm Mountain time.

Please keep in mind that Staging tenants DO NOT copy loan or customer data from production.

Release notes will be available posted in this thread on Thursday 05/17/2018. Please do not request early access to the release notes, as they are not in final form until the Staging release is completed.

Please also plan on completing all of your Staging tests during the staging period dates, as the production release dates cannot be modified for a single client.

Our team is working towards a near zero downtime deployment, which will limit the impact release updates have on our clients.

Posted about 1 month ago. Mar 14, 2018 - 08:52 MDT